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Reviews for Grass Creek Construction

Academy Mortgage had the great privilege of working with Grass Creek Construction on the build-out of our new office, in St. George, UT.  Spencer Richins and his team were professional, transparent, and honest.  When dates were set to have a certain portion of the project completed, they were met.  When a particular revision to the office was discussed, they were patient and cooperative.  Spencer and his team were willing to stop and change directions when needed for the happiness of their client.  I have had the great privilege of knowing Spencer Richins for many years.  His words are his bond and his workmanship illustrates his character.  I look forward to the day when Spencer Richins and Grass Creek Construction will build our future home.  I could not endorse a better individual to build your next home or office!

James E Macpherson, Academy Mortgage Corp.

It was great to have you be intricately involved in the process from beginning to end. As you know, often the initial contact you make with a company or subcontractor is with someone other than the person who ends up doing the work. You came and gave the bid, you supervised the work, you self-performed a lot of the work and you were aware of situations as they arose because you were on-site. Your personal interest in making sure everything was right made a big difference.

I was impressed with the quality of subcontractors that you used on our projects. The few minor issues we had with subs were taken care of immediately and professionally. Warranty items have been taken care of promptly as well.

Most importantly, I feel you did a great job of listening to and accommodating the tenant while realizing your contract was with us. That is sometimes a tricky thing to do. I think the ultimate indication of this was that one of our tenants hired you directly to do additional work at another location.

Sandi Schwartz, Parkway Partners

Excellent company. Honest and reputable; two traits that are not easy to come by or maintain in today’s highly volatile business climate. I highly recommend them. Solid people with ethics.

Paul Ford, St George News

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